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We are a full service automotive shop. We offer services ranging from basic maintenance to transmission and engine service

~ Heating & Air Conditioner Repair

If your A/C or Heating isn’t working, there could be a number of different causes. Our ASE-certified technicians are ready to diagnose the problem and offer the best result for the best price.


  • A clogged or leaking condenser

  • Improper refrigerant level

  • Refrigerant cross-contamination

  • Unresponsive pressure switches

  • Damaged compressor

  • Broken belt

  • Clutch issues

  • Moisture and debris

  • Leaks

  • A/C control head malfunctions


  • Heating & Cooling System Diagnostics

  • Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service

  • Heating System Repair & Service

  • Belt Repair & Replacement

  • Compressor Repair & Replacement

  • Evaporator Repair & Replacement

  • Refrigerant Replacement​

A/C & Heating Issues

Air Filters

Dirty cabin air filters have a way of reducing the air flow that your A/C & Heating system puts out. Replacing your filter is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the flow and sanitation of your car’s air. 


Maintaining proper fluid levels can be difficult. Too much fluid can keep the system from keeping the air cool, while too little fluid can ruin the system. Our ASE-certified technicians will make sure your fluid levels are all correct or may suggest a coolant flush to remove your current fluid, which can become acidic, and replace it with new fluid.

Leaking Refrigerant

Tubes and seals wear down over time. As they wear down, little cracks form which lead to refrigerant leaks. When this happens, Our ASE certified technicians will find the source of the problem and fix this issue.



When it comes to auto AC & Heating repair, there are a great number of different issues that could be causing your car’s AC & Heating to function improperly. Every car is different, and we approach each Auto AC & Heating Repair by diagnosing the root of the problem.

Think your auto AC is in danger of failing? Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Sound – Is it making strange noises – either through the vents or under the hood – your air conditioning could be failing.

  • Smell – If your car has taken on an unexplained odor, it could be more than just day old fast food in the back seat – your evaporator could have bacteria buildup.

  • Feel – If it blowing out inconsistent temperatures that vary wildly and fluctuate, you might have ice accumulating in your AC, or there could be bigger problems with your compressor.

Schedule all your A/C & Heating needs come see one of our SE certified technicians at 2 Quick Automotive

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