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We are a full service automotive shop. We offer services ranging from basic maintenance to transmission and engine service

~ Alignment

Does your vehicle ever pull to either the left or the right? Is the steering wheel not centered when you are going straight? This could indicate an alignment problem.

  •  Our ASE-certified expert technicians use the latest Hunter computerized alignment technology to detect misalignments allowing them to get your vehicle's alignment back to the original manufacturer settings.


  • Your alignment might be off even if you haven’t noticed any signs or damage. One big tell is uneven tire wear which robs your valuable investment of thousands of miles. Tires tread should be worn evenly, uneven tire wear can compromise them and force premature replacement and/or cause a blowout.

  • To begin the alignment, we raise your car on an alignment lift and attach computerized sensors to determine whether an adjustment is needed. We correct your alignment to the manufacturer’s original settings. After this, we retest your vehicle to make sure its alignment is perfect.

Why get an ALIGNMENT

Not getting an alignment service could cost a lot. It puts stress on your driveshaft and steering rack, on tire wear and tear. It could also be dangerous.

​Signs that your Alignment is OUT OF BALANCE

  • Your tires are wearing unevenly

  • Your car pulls to one side when you drive in a straight line

  • Your car and floorboards start vibrating at freeway speeds

  • You have lost handling capability

  • You have been in a crash

  • You have seen too many potholes

  • You have run into curbs or parking barriers

  • Your treads show a cupped wear pattern

Come get a 4 wheel alignment today at 2 Quick Automotive

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